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Complete Investment Solutions helps clients meet their objectives through tailored portfolio construction and implementation. The Investment Solutions platform gives investors access to the large and complex universe of alternative investment strategies—private equity and real estate—on a global basis. We assess client needs and build customized portfolios that strive to allocate capital efficiently across our family of alternatives as well as providing direct access to proprietary Complete Investment Solutions.Complete Investment Solutions is one of the leading finacial services company in india.We have a strong belief in nurturing investment culture ,atitude a very strong approach toward value investing forms the control part of any sound investment phiolosophy.Complete Investment Solutions is a one point shop for all the investment  need of customers who require very strong relationship drive approach toward value investing.


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At Complete Investment Solutions ,We not only help you invest in stock but also help you to migrate risk by helding your portfolio postion through varity of futures and option strategies. Derivatives make future cashflows more predictable. They allow companies to forecast their earnings more accurately. That predictability boosts stock prices. Businesses then need less cash on hand to cover emergencies. They can reinvest more into their business.Complete Investment Solutions Interest Rate Derivatives Manage your interest rate risk with interest rate derivative solutions and get hedging solutions that are specifically matched to your needs.

Depository Services

Featuring a variety of unlimited check-writing options designed to meet your financial transaction needs—regardless of the amount or your company’s size and industry—Complete investment Solutions provides the flexibility required to satisfy your daily business operations. We offer a robust portfolio of Commercial Checking accounts to meet your unique requirements. In addition to accounts that provide earnings credits to offset fees and pay interest on accounts that have excess earnings credits.


Commodity trading is an activity which involves investing in anything which is categorized under commodity. The process of commodity trading is directly or indirectly affected by the demand and supply in the market. Commodity trading is often confused with stock trading simply because the process of trading is very similar. Then what is the difference between them? The major difference has to do with the difference between what is traded. Commodity trading is something which is not limited to a particular exchange. Investors are free to trade on various exchanges if they desire to do so.In the recent times, the volumes in Exchange traded commodities have been steadily increasing. Growing importance of commodities as an asset class coupled with rapid increase in investment options has been the major trigger behind the upturn in the volumes.

Loan Against Share

Every business requires funding from time to time. Whether to upgrade operations or purchase new premises, business loans help corporates take a higher leap towards progress. Whether your business is small or large, you may require an inflow of funds to take your operations to the next stage of success. However, you could consider putting your securities in the capital market to use. Instead of monetising your investments in securities, why not take a Loan Against Shares (LAS) also known as Loan Against Securities or a Line of Credit (LOC) and leverage your investments.

Mutual Funds

Complete investment Solutions assists you in selecting the right mutual fund based on your risk profile and time horizon and the prevailing market conditions. Based on our in-house analysis we prepare recommended mutual fund sheet across various assets every month. We look at various factors while deciding the best Mutual Funds suited for your needs. Our process involves first assessing your category as an investor by doing a through profiling based upon our in house award winning Profiling tool. Based upon your profile we advice you on asset allocation which looks into various factors like your time horizon, Risk Capacity, need analysis, present financial condition including the asset & liability position.

PMS (Portfolio Management Services)

Managing investments in equities requires time, knowledge, experience and constant monitoring of stock market. Given the unpredictable nature of the equity market it requires solid experience and strong research to make the right decision in the right direction at the right time. That’s where the expert comes in.The PMS business was under MOSL since inception in 2003 till October 2010, when the PMS business was moved to the AMC with the objective of consolidating all Assets Based and Investment Management Based businesses under one legal entity.

Financial Planning

Financial planning provides a roadmap to fulfill financial goals & aspirations, by identifying risks and managing resources & by taking into consideration different aspects of one’s financial assets & liabilities. Financial planners help how resources should be managed so as to achieve the financial goals. Financial planning is not a one time exercise; rather it is a continuous process. As a person walks through different phases of life, he has different responsibilities & obligations to fulfill. For example, post marriage he has to meet the expenditures of his dependents, meet the children’s education and subsequently their marriage expenses. He also needs to plan to buy a home, and most importantly to meet post retirement expenses without compromising his lifestyle.

Real Estate

Real Estate as an asset class has become the first choice in the investor portfolios. The appetite for physical assets is much more than financial assets.We have seen rapid growth in price in the last one decade, specially in northern region. In this process, lot of financial fraud has happened in dealing the physical asset. In order to safeguard our existing and potential investors, Innovative Financial Management is providing value added services.


Insurance, as described in law and economics, is a form of risk management tool primarily used to hedge the insuree against the risk of any contingent loss. In theory, Insurance is defined as the transfer of the risk of a potential contingent loss, from one body to another, for a sum of money termed as premium. Insurer, in economics, refers to the company that insures for the risk involved and thus, sells insurance.
Premium is the amount which the insurance company (known as the insurer) charges for a certain amount of insurance coverage (known as the Sum Assured).

Home Loans

At CIS we understand that it is vital to select a trust worthy financial advisor which can not only guide the customer to route his loan from a good finance company but also provide the best service though the loan procedure. Taking a home loan is a long term decision which lasts for 15-20 years, influencing one’s hard earned inflows, requires numerous factors to be taken into consideration such as proficiency, good quality of after sales service, in-depth awareness of the domain and transparent loan dealings.In light of the above factors, we facilitate loans to our esteemed clients at very competitive interest rates in the industry.

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