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A “Depository” is a facility for holding securities, which enables securities transactions to be processed by book entry. In India, a depository is an organization, which holds the beneficial owner’s securities in electronic form, through a registered Depository Participant (DP). Depository facilitates investor to hold securities in electronic form and to trade in these securities.Featuring a variety of unlimited check-writing options designed to meet your financial transaction needs—regardless of the amount or your company’s size and industry—Complete investment Solutions provides the flexibility required to satisfy your daily business operations. We offer a robust portfolio of Commercial Checking accounts to meet your unique requirements. In addition to accounts that provide earnings credits to offset fees and pay interest on accounts that have excess earnings credits.

we also offer accounts with the following features:

  • Checking with Earnings Credits
  • Checking with Earnings Credits and Interest
  • Interest-only checking
  • Sweep options

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Benefits of Depository

  • De-materialize your Shares, Mutual Funds and Commodities in electronic form.
  • Minimum transaction costs.
  • Multiple tariff options as per your choice.
  • Monthly holding and transaction statement.
  • Fast transfers of securities resulting in increased liquidity.
  • SMS Alert facility for debits and credits in your demat account.

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